Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is surely coming soon!  Prophecies are being fulfilled that are setting the stage for Jesus’ appearing. We must be ready!

That is what Prophecy and Promises is here to do . . .  help you be ready and overcome in these trying times.  Bible prophecy should not be taught or received with a spirit of doom, gloom and fear, but with faith, hope and love like the rest of our Bible.


IMG_0393Rev. Dwayne Byerly refuses to accept a traditional theology based on passed revelations of true men of God. They did not have the prophecies being fulfilled like we do today. Rev. Byerly is a Word man and steers clear of speculation and fear.


We hope everything you find in this website will set you free from fear of events coming upon the earth and cause you to be a partaker of the abundant life of Jesus Christ.

Brothers and sisters, sinners and saints, now is the time to be in prayer and seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all things.  It is the day to accept the Lord and all His ways. Anything less will allow the curse to overrun your life.